About Us

DAL Food is a visionary integration of agriculture, industry and technology. As Sudan’s premier Agri-Food business, DAL Food is passionate about improving people’s lives by providing affordable and quality food and drink products for people across Sudan and some neighbouring countries.

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Our Strengths & Capabilities

We focus on our customers, offering them best-in-class products and services while building long-term relationships..

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Our Passions

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Our Principles

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Our Purpose

Contribute to the on-going development of Sudan and the region through the provision of high quality,

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DAL Food “Good Food For Better Lives”

At DAL Food, we understand that building a successful business in an environment as unpredictable and challenging as Sudan takes vision, dedication, and an appetite for taking calculated risks. Ensuring the business is sustainable in the long term requires a more strategic approach to ensure that the business continues to benefit its multiple stakeholders, now and in the future.