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Provides energy in a concentrated form, allowing your animals to grow faster and enhancing efficiency...

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Getting to know us.

DAL Feed entered the animal feed market in 2011 with two brands: KAFI for Concentrated Feed and DESSI for feed ingredients. More recently, they were joined by Assasi for cost-effective feed products.

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On our list of priorities, this ranks the highest

Quality Control

DAL Food is proud to be the first Sudanese brand in the Sudanese Feed Market to provide its customers with Technical Support Services provided by highly skilled veterinary consultants, offering advice on feeding practices, animal health, and farm management. DAL FEED is also working on collecting fresh milk from farmers and dealing as the biggest supplier of fresh milk for the DAL Dairy Factory.

Shaping the future of regional animal feed production

Our production lines enable DAL Food to produce a variety of quality feeds, which ensure maximum health and happiness for your animals.

  • Enough water

    It is essential to healthy growth to have enough water at all times.

  • Good food

    To have the appropriate type and amount of food is key to enhancing production.

  • Good rest

    Taking an adequate amount of rest contributes to the overall wellbeing of the animal.

  • Comfortable place

    Enhances production and prevents energy dissipation caused by uncomfortable settings.

  • Enough lighting

    The importance of lighting comes in observing the cattle to identify any abnormalities.

  • Good ventilation

    One of the best ways to keeping animals healthy, and lowers the chances of disease spreading.


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